Obon Matsuri August 11th and 12th
From 6:30PM to 10PM
Free parking available with validation at HMSA Building

Join us for Shakyo/Shabutsu every 4th Sunday at 10am-12pm, reservations required
Contact Rev. Quinn Hashimoto quinn@shingonshuhawaii.com
915 Sheridan Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814-2348
Tel:  808-941-5663

Established by members in Honolulu, Hawaii 1915

The Shingon Shu Hawaii Temple in Honolulu, Hawaii is located less than ten minutes by foot from the world famous Ala Moana Shopping Center, at 915 Sheridan Street.  The temple is a congregational Buddhist school, interested in studying and sharing the faith of Shingon esoteric Buddhism, the temple follows the original tenets established by Kobo Daishi who brought the teachings of Shingon Buddhism to Japan from China in 806 AD.  The current Chief Minister and President of Shingon Shu Hawaii is the Rev. Reyn Yorio Homyo Tsuru (1995-present), the Resident Minister is Rev. Sumitoshi Sakamoto (2004-present), the Assistant Resident Minister is Rev. Quinn Hoken Hashimoto (2010-present).

Vice President and Kyodan Chairman Dr. Garyn Ken Tsuru

Kyodan Vice President Alan H. Murata ahmurata@gmail.com

Treasurer Keith Masao Suyat-Terauchi

Corporation Secretary Mary Ann Akao

Translator and Butsugu Manager: Takuya Saigusa

Representing Shingon Shu Hawaii in Japan: Mr. Junji Sakaguchi, Kanagawa

Associate Minister of Extended Temple Shingon Western Fellowship Northern California

Reverend Jeff Hoji Keller, Sacramento, California