Shakyo and Shabutsu

The art of meditating through calligraphy.  Wouldn't it be nice to sit down for a time, remove yourself and your thoughts from our fast paced, often stomach churning world of cell phones, crazy drivers, work, and stress?  Come to Shingon Shu Hawaii, sit in the main prayer hall under the golden ceiling depicting the Taizo-kai Mandala, chant, pray, write and converse with others who want to take a moment to relax.  You will be given the opportunity to transcribe the Heart Sutra, following prayer and some contemplation.  Maybe you would prefer tracing and coloring a Buddha or Nyorai as depicted on the mandala hanging above your head?  However you want to express yourself is up to you.
At the halfway point you will be served matcha or matcha au lait, along with a Japanese sweet.  Relax and take a break from your exercise and join in fellowship with your shakyo partners.  The shakyo and shabutsu meditation will be overseen by the director of Shingon Shu Hawaii, Rev. Reyn Yorio Tsuru, and assisted by Rev. Quinn Hashimoto, reservations are required, please contact Rev. Hashimoto at 808-384-4298, the meditation will be held, services permitting of course, every fourth Sunday of the month.  It is essential you call ahead to insure a seat and to make sure there are no services that interrupt the exercise.  The picture shows members of Shingon Shu Hawaii discussing their shakyo during the break.  The cost to participate is $10, all supplies are included, just bring yourself!